Winnaleah Irrigation Scheme


Tasmania Irrigation was looking ahead to meet the growing water demands of the Winnaleah region’s farming industry.

To secure the supply, the principal had to ensure there would be sufficient capacity for future peak seasons.

Tasmania Irrigation determined that supply capacity of 6950 ML per year would not only suffice current requirements but also well into the future.


Tasmania Irrigation and the pipeline construction contractors, Shaw Contracting, turned to Viadux for their pipeline expertise.

Viadux worked with Shaw Contracting and IPD Consulting to ensure that the pipeline selected would meet the requirements of Tasmania Irrigation. 

Viadux recommended a TYTON ductile iron pipeline system for its proven ability to handle the capacity and pressures expected throughout the pipeline’s operation.

Another significant benefit of a ductile iron pipeline is its ability to deliver an extended design life of 100 years when installed correctly.

To this end, Viadux supplied Shaw Contracting with its Century Plus II installation training program, meaning the pipeline would have the best opportunity to reach its intended design life.


Viadux supplied 10 kilometres of DN500 and DN600 TYTON ductile iron pipes. SUREFLOW valves and fittings were also supplied to complete the pipeline system.

Deliveries were completed over a six-month period in alignment with the construction schedule. The project was successfully commissioned in May 2012 delivering increased capacity and securing supply for the farmers of north east Tasmania for many years
to come.