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Duraflo has been a leading brand for ABS pipe systems. ABS is a high performance thermoplastic which has been used in piping applications since the 1950’s and in Australia since the 1970’s.

ABS is recognized as a suitable material to be used in many industry applications. The material is very tough and resilient, has high impact strength, good chemical resistance non-toxic and taint free. As a result Duraflo ABS has been successfully installed in many of Australia’s prime commercial and institutional developments.

ABS piping systems are replacing many piping systems made from other materials. Viadux’s ABS piping systems compromises a large range of pressure ratings for pipes and fittings, joined together by cold solvent cement welding.

Duraflo ABS Pipe Systems have the following proven capabilities:

  • High Impact Strength

  • Corrosion Free

  • Low Thermal Conductivity

  • Low Embodied Energy

  • Lightweight

  • Smooth Bore

  • 50 Year Design Life

  • Quick Installation