Tarago Reconnection Project


The Tarago Reservoir is an open water supply catchment covering
approximately 11,400 hectares in Neerim South, 95 kilometres east of
Melbourne. Constructed in 1969, the reservoir was designed to hold 37 billion
litres of water and supply regions from Kooweerup to Lang Lang, the greater
Mornington Peninsula and as far as Nar Goon to Longwarry.

However in 1994, ongoing water quality issues forced the closure of Tarago
when Melbourne’s water storage levels were close to 90% of capacity.

As a part of the Victorian Government’s $4.9 billion Water Plan to secure water
for the future growth of the state, Tarango Reservoir and Treatment Plant was
to be reopened after an extensive upgrade to make an additional 15 billion
litres of water available to Melbourne per year.


Viadux was contracted to supply and deliver pipe and fittings for the entire
project. As part of the contract, a full suite of products were manufactured
and delivered to site including 1290mm, 1124mm and 960mm MSCL pipes and
fittings with a variety of specified jointing systems and lengths.

TYTON Ductile Iron pipe and SUREFLOW fittings were also supplied in sizes
ranging from 150mm to 300mm. Viadux’s pipeline solutions were used as
part of the raw water inlet and outlet works as well as backwash systems and
overflow tank transfer applications.


With the use of Viadux solutions, Tarago’s Treatment Plant was upgraded
to a state of the art facility utilising several advanced water treatment
processes including Dissolved Air Flotation and Filtration as well as
Ultraviolet Disinfection.

Viadux’s ability to produce and maintain quality, provide technical expertise
and manufacture product in line with the installer’s accelerated construction
program was the basis for the award of the contract. Viadux worked closely
with the joint venture partners to source pipe from each of its Australian
facilities to satisfy the fast-tracked installation program. As a result of the
integrated approach, the $97 million plant was built under budget and 6
months ahead of schedule, opening officially on the 24th of June 2009.