About Us

Our Vision at Viadux is to be the most progressive and responsive supplier of water network solutions that our customers love.


Viadux is a commanding presence in the Australian water industry and has a history spanning over 120 years. From our beginnings in 1885, when Victoria contracted Mephan Ferguson to replace aging wrought iron pipelines with more modern cast iron, Viadux and its antecedents have been helping Australians to harness our most valuable, and often rare, natural resource.


The Viadux brand was established and defined in 2015, and since October 2017 are part of the Reece Group. With contemporary water solutions forming an intrinsic part of our DNA, Viadux has always been a future-focused company. Our predecessors introduced some of the most sophisticated manufacturing capabilities into the local market, and this focus on progress is a tradition that we have continued to this day. Being at the leading edge of water solutions technology means we’re always on the lookout for new solutions, and we have the capacity to implement these with confidence.

About Us

Our Vision

We work hard everyday to be the most progressive and responsive supplier of all water networks solutions within Australia.

Our Values

We strive to provide solutions that help our customers deliver water with ease, while creating an energetic and rewarding environment where people love to work.

Our People

At the heart of our company is a group of dedicated people who love what they do. With some of the most experienced water professionals in the country, you can guarantee we know water.

Our Difference

We are big enough to make a difference yet small enough to care. Because we are not a manufacturer, we will always recommend the right product.