Hamilton-Grampians Pipeline


Wannon Water had completed its blueprint for meeting the water needs of south-west Victoria for the next 50 years and found that there was an immediate need to increase the region’s water supplies.

Demand was already exceeding supply from the local catchment areas and the deficit was being overcome with the use of emergency drought relief bores and high level water restrictions. With the report predicting significant growth in the region over the next 50 years, Wannon Water required a long term, sustainable solution.


Wannon Water determined, in close consultation with stakeholders, that they would construct the 52 kilometer Hamilton-Grampians Pipeline. This pipeline would connect the Hamilton system to Rocklands Reservoir and deliver the water required to satisfy the burgeoning region of south-west Victoria.

Viadux was appointed as the Pipe and Fittings Supply Contractor and worked hand in hand with Wannon Water to specify the pipeline that would best meet both the present and future needs of the community. Viadux supplied 20 kilometres of TYTON and 32 kilometres of TYTON DN375 PN20 Ductile Iron Pipe for the project as well SUREFLOW fittings including bends, tees and valves.


The 52 kilometer Hamilton-Grampians Pipeline from Rocklands Reservoir to the Grampians Headworks Pipeline now delivers up to 2,000 megalitres (two billion liters) of water each year to the Hamilton system.

Viadux’s close working relationship with Wannon Water ensured that the pipeline products selected and supplied would meet the needs of the Hamilton region well into the future in terms of design life, reliability and capacity.

The successful completion of the Hamiltion-Grampians Pipeline in June 2010 demonstrates the benefits of working with an experienced complete pipeline solutions provider like Viadux, where collaboration throughout the specification and design stage results in projects not only being best suited for purpose but also completed on time and under budget.