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Flowtite® filament wound pipes are built as a structural sandwich, using the Flowtite® continuous filament winding technology. The basic raw materials used in manufacturing the pipes are resin, glassfibers and silica sand.

Flowtite® pipe systems are supplied in nominal diameters ranging from DN 300 up to DN 1200, and in various stiffness classes starting at 2500 N/m². Standard pressure classes go up to 32 bar. The product portfolio includes a wide range of pipes, fittings and spools with additional custom designed solutions. Suitable for applications including:

  • General Civil Market

  • Sewerage Networks

  • Drainage Networks

  • Irrigation Networks

  • Sea Water Intake Line

  • Sea Water Outfall Lines

  • Sea Water Discharge Lines

  • Sea Water Cooling Systems

  • District Cooling and Heating Networks

  • Chemical Pipe Systems

  • Chlorination Pipe Systems

  • Water Transmission & Distribution Lines