SEQ Water Grid


In the midst of Australia’s worst drought in more than 100 years, the nation’s capital cities were imposing strict restrictions on water use to conserve their dwindling supplies. In South East Queensland, the situation had become dire with the region’s dam levels falling to below 17 per cent.

In response, the Queensland State Government devised the SEQ Water Grid, an expansive plan to secure the water supply for the densely populated south-east corner of the state


The Queensland Government set about securing water sources that would adequately serve the community throughout seasonal fluctuations and drought events. Traditional water sources such as dams were coupled with water recycling facilities and a desalination plant to provide a robust supply.

To complete the grid, a network of pipelines was to be constructed to distribute bulk water across the grid to where it is needed most and it was at this stage that Viadux was called in to contribute its pipeline expertise.

Viadux was contracted to supply the pipeline systems used in the construction of the vast network that connected the major water sources in the region.

Viadux also supplied large diameter pipelines designed to transport treated wastewater for use by major power stations and general industry.

In total, Viadux supplied over 340km of TYTON ductile iron, steel and plastic pipes as well as the SUREFLOW valves, fittings and pumps required to complete the vital connections.


Viadux was able to call upon its dedicated major projects team to ensure that the project’s urgent timeframe and varied product specifications could be achieved.

The successful completion of the project has ensured that more than 90 percent of South East Queensland’s drinking water customers have the added security of being supplied from multiple water sources.