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Price Notice May 2018

Important price adjustments flowing through from 1 May 2018

Viadux understands the importance of pricing to your business, and we work closely with our suppliers to remain as competitive as possible.

From time to time, suppliers are required to increase their costs. We try not to pass on these price rises where possible, but from 1 May 2018 we are required to make some unavoidable changes to our prices:

  • Sureflow Auslite Socketed and Flanged joint fittings & Sureflow Readytap fittings will increase by 6-10%
  • Sureflow Hydrants, Sureflow Resilient and Metal Seated Gate Valves will increase by 6-10%
  • PVC pressure fittings, PVC pressure pipe, PVC non-pressure pipe, fittings and conduit will increase by 5%
  • HDPE compression, electrofusion and push-fit fittings, HDPE pressure pipe and PE non-pressure will increase by 4%

Your local Area Sales Manager will reach out to you to discuss your work pipeline and know that we will honour pricing for any existing committed orders for where you have provided us with your purchase order on or before close of business (4pm local time) 30 March 2018.

Mark Wardley
Viadux Operations Leader