Spring Hydrant Valve

SUREFLOW Spring Hydrant valves are designed and manufactured to AS3952.

SUREFLOW Spring Hydrant Valves


  • Ductile Iron body and bonnet for high strength and impact resistance
  • Dezincification resistant (DZR) copper alloy dome for long life operation
  • Removal internal components to allow direct full bore access to the pipeline for insertion and removal of swabs for scouring purposes
  • Extra thick seat gasket to provide improved perforation resistance and reduce maintenance requirements
  • Fusion bonded polymeric coating for long life corrosion protection
  • Corrosion resistant components for long life operation
  • O-ring located on fasteners to ensure they remain in place when the yoke is removed
  • Dust cap fitted to each hydrant to prevent ingress of dirt into the seat area
  • Lilac, colur coded model for recycled water applications
  • Lilac, colour coded tags for retro fittings or simplicity of stock control