VS-4 Combination Air Release Valve

History and Rationale
Odour Technologies have looked at the problems experienced by wastewater operators with air release valves. Over a period of 5 years we have designed and tested our double chamber valve that overcomes previously experienced faults found in single chamber valves.

Reduced Maintenance
Due to its ability to work maintenance-free for extended periods, it continually maintains and protects itself from the rigours of wastewater transfer, the name “VS-4 Smartvalve” was an obvious choice.

Cost Savings
Reducing short and long term maintenance costs are an important consideration. By virtue of Smartvalve’s  anti-hammer design, pipe fatigue is greatly reduced. VS-4 Smartvalve guarantees an anti-slam pressure chamber of air at all times.

VS-4 SMARTVALVE Combination Air Release Valve


VS-4-PW for potable and non solids contaminated waters. 316 stainless steel. PN 16. All VS-4 models are CE certified. Spin on or flanged to suit customer requirements. Seals at atmospheric pressure and rated to 16 Bar. This is a combination air valve with built-in anti-slam and anti hammer. All parts are rated food safe. The Standard orifice is 1160mm2 and a super high flow model is available to order with a 2826mm2 orifice. Water and air flow are horizontal to the float base to stop premature closing. There is also a screen to stop fish, frogs, eels etc from entering the valve chamber. This potable water valve is bred from the extremely reliable VS-4 range of sewer trunk main valves.