C50 Sewage & Wastewater Combination Air Valve

BERMAD C50 is a high quality combination air valve for a variety of sewage and wastewater networks and operating conditions. It evacuates air during pipeline filling, allows efficient release of air and gas pockets from pressurized pipes, and enables large volume air intake in the event of network draining. The elongated body and lower float prevent the fluid to be in contact with the upper mechanism.

With its advanced aerodynamic design, double orifice and Surge Protection device (optional), this valve provides excellent protection against air and gas accumulation and vacuum formation with improved sealing under low pressure conditions.

Bermad C50 Sewage & Wastewater Combination Air Valve


  • Low pressure sealing less than 0.5m
  • Surge protection mechanism limiting surge on high air discharge
  • Straight flow body with large diameter automatic orifice
  • Aerodynamic full-body kinetic shield
  • Elongated body design with non-stick coating
  • Valve is opened from the top
  • 2 service ports
  • Compact, simple, robust and reliable structure
  • Fully corrosion-resistant parts
  • Optional  Inflow Prevention and Drainage Valve