TYTONXCEL - PN20 pressure class is Viadux’ light wall, sulphate resisting cement-lined ductile iron pipe offering and can be supplied with added internal Seal Coat which delivers additional protection to inhibit the leaching of lime where very aggressive, soft waters of low hardness (total alkalinity <30mg/L) or high dissolved C02 are being conveyed.

TYTONXCEL - PN20 provides efficiency gains and cost savings without sacrificing the time proven superior performance capabilities associated with ductile iron pipeline systems.

TYTONXCEL - PN20 delivers with increased bores, increased flows, reduced head loss, lower pumping costs, decreased mass, more pipes per truck, faster laying, increased efficiency, reduced cost and ultimately more savings.


TYTONXCEL - PN20 is capable of satisfying your needs for the following applications, above or below ground:

  • Potable water
  • Raw water
  • Irrigation
  • Pressure sewage
  • Effluent
  • Bore water
  • Sea water
  • Slurries