Plasson Electrofusion

Plasson’s pedigree in PE reaches back 40 years internationally and over 30 years locally. It is the only company in Australia focused purely on PE connections, making Plasson the unchallenged leader.

Plasson PE products boast a design life in excess of 100 years. They have a complete range of connections for water and wastewater systems certified to AS4129. And their specialist systems for hydrant and tapping connections hold WSAA approvals.

With a team of knowledgeable specialists, local expertise and authoritative field support, the answer to any questions on PE is waiting at Plasson

Plasson HDPE Electrofusion


Branch Saddle

Clamping tool leaves correct clamp indicator stamp mark on the saddle to show if the correct sized clamps have been used at the correct tension

Full bore outlet for better flow characteristics

Adjustable Elbow

Plasson’s Adjustable Elbow and One Sided Adjustable Elbow allows welding to pipes at any angle up to 12º per side. The Plasson adjustable elbow simply and easily solves situations such as:

  • Misaligned pipes 
  • Connections at an undefined angle 
  • Connection of misaligned pipes to valves, pumps and other stationary devices 
  • Connection of buried pipes where only a short section is exposed

Prior to welding, the ball joints are fully adjustable within the ±12º range.

After welding, the joint is a fixed ElectroFusion welded connection.

The Adjustable Elbow is pressure rated as the rest of Plasson ElectroFusion line:

  • Water PN16
  • Gas PE 100 SDR 11 (MOP 10 bar)