Negotiate crowded service trenches. Meet impossible hydrotest deadlines. Succeed with on time commissioning. Avoid the nightmare of weak soils that cannot bear any pressure.

TYTON-LOK® is the key to fast tracking design and construction of Ductile Iron Pipe Systems with these unique advantages:

  • Available in a range of sizes DN 100 to DN 375
  • Utilises standard TYTON-JOINT® rubber ring fittings
  • Allows simplicity of rubber ring joint assembly with all joints fully restrained
  • Eliminates any need for concrete thrust blocks
  • Accelerates commissioning with no wait time for concrete curing
  • Streamlines materials sourcing and administration
  • Ideal in weak soils where concrete blocks just won’t work
  • Provides for up to 3.5 degrees of joint deflection
  • Provides for maximum security with strategic mains (fully locked joints)
  • Provides an allowable operating pressure (AOP) of 1.6MPa
TYTON-LOK joint for ductile iron pipe installation