DIMAX XCEED Z+ features our unique Zinc-Aluminium-Rare Earth alloy coating with a black synthetic resin. Providing protection against the most aggressive soils and eliminates the need for sleeving.

What sets XCEED Z+ apart is its Polyurethane internal lining. Polyurethane is state of the art in polymeric linings, preserving water quality whilst protecting the bore against aggressive conveyants. Due to the thickness of its polyurethane layer, the ductile iron pipe is fully protected against the most aggressive water as well as during transport and handling operations. With an average thickness of 1300-1500μm, XCEED Z+ is suitable for more than 95% of the most frequently encountered ground types and application.


For the transportation of water of the following types:

  • Very soft water (hardness less than 1mg/L) combined with extremely long residence times, where a seal coated cement mortar coating is not sufficient
  • Mineral water, i.e. water whose chemical specifications must remain unchanged between the  pipeline inlet and outlet
  • Aggressive conveyants including septic sewage, high CO2, chlorides, sulphates, brine Suitable for use in most aggressive soils without the need for loose polyethylene sleeving.



Polyurethane linings are the next technological step in ductile iron pipe applications. Ductile iron pipes that are manufactured with a factory applied internal lining of Polyurathane have several key advantages. The biggest of which being a corrosion free design. The thin internal layer protects the internal walls of the pipe against the transport of almost any type of water from pH1 up to pH14. Allowing for a superior range in applications and environments where it is suitable to use. From Potable and Recycled water, to Sewer and Industrial; this non-reactive internal lining will insure the quality of it’s medium and the lifespan of the piping system.