DIMAX XTREME combines the best features of Viadux’s proven ductile iron pipeline systems with materials that provide high resistance to chemical attack and abrasion.

Now designers, installers and operators can have confidence, not only in the proven mechanical strength of ductile iron but in its enhanced ability to resist internal attack from aggressive fluids such as sewage and industrial waste.

This is achieved by using calcium aluminate cement (CAC) in lieu of sulfate resisting (SR) cement in the barrel lining. This is complemented by the application of an epoxy coating in the pipe joining region. CAC is an effective lining for aggressive fluids with extreme pH values and/or abrasive solids.

Exclusively featuring the TYTON® push-fit joint, a simple and robust and provides high flexibility in both application and installation. For a reliable and simple installation, in any weather condition.

Available in Class PN35 and PN30/25 DIMAX XTREME matches the maximum flange table rating of the most common water industry applications and provides a cost effective solution for lower pressure applications.

PN35 provides peace of mind considering water hammer rogue surges, cyclic stresses, varying soil loads, unpredictable traffic loads, and all unforeseen rigours of a pipe system in construction, operation and maintenance. Beam strength, heavy duty ring stiffness and critical buckling resistance are maintained across the entire size range