TYTON Gasket

The time proven, robust TYTON-JOINT® is a U.S. PIPE design & trademark established in 1965. This simple push-on type connection is at the core of our DI Pipe system and provides flexibility, sturdiness, ease of installation and watertightness.

TYTON® gaskets are suitable for use in TYTON-JOINT® pipeline fittings and valves.  

  • Extremely strong and efficient flexible joint
  • Suitable for in ground or above ground applications
  • Standard Gaskets are manufactured from EPDM rubber providing improved performance over traditional natural rubber
  • High resistance to water, ozone, heat, sewerage, chloramines, UV, and abrasion
  • Joints can be deflected and permit axial movement to compensate for thermal expansion and contraction.
  • In areas where hydrocarbons are a concern NBR (Nitrile) TYTON® gaskets are available. 
TYTON-JOINT® pipeline fittings and valves