SUREFLOW® Coating & Linings

Viadux supplies a range of coatings and linings to meet the most demanding specifications in the water industry.

This data sheet describes the range of coatings systems that are currently available on TYTON ductile iron fittings, flanged pipe and valves

SUREFLOW® Coating & Linings for Ductile Iron Pipe


FB coatings and linings comply with AS/NZS 4158 and are applied by the fluidised bed technique.

Fusion coating of AS/NZS pipe (DN 80 to DN 750) up to a maximum effective length of 2700mm. Unlined pipe is used with coatings of FBE and FBN.

Fusion coating of AS/NZS fittings (DN 80 to DN 750). Small (<DN 250) fittings are typically coated with Resicoat FBE while larger (> DN 250) fittings are coated with Rilsan, depending on casting complexity.