DIMAX Z+ Coating

With our latest Dimax Z+ protective coating, sleeving of DI Pipe is becoming a thing of the past. Dimax is an active corrosion protection system which allows for quicker and safer installations by removing the requirements for sleeving and providing a more robust coating capable of handling the rigours of transport and installation.

Dimax’s exclusive Z+ coating system further improves on this traditional formula to bring you the most advanced corrosion protection system available. The Dimax Z+ ZnAl Alloy has been engineered with a small percentage of rare earth (RE) metals to withstand Australian soil conditions. This unique Zinc-Aluminium-Rare Earth Alloy (ZnAlRE) enhances the galvanic effect that the standard ZnAl creates to actively protect the pipe.

The Z+ layer is hot sprayed directly onto the preheated ductile iron pipe, at a density of 400g per m2, then finished with a layer of Epoxy to a thickness of 100μm. Z+ maximises the life of your pipeline while eliminating the need for the manual application of polyethylene sleeving that can add significant time and labour costs at the point of installation.

DIMAXZ+ Coating


The Dimax Z+ coating will extend the service life of your pipeline by providing an active self-healing layer that prevents corrosion forming. Pipes coated in a Z+ alloy may be buried in contact with the majority of soils, without the need for polyethylene sleeving.

Dimax offers a complimentary site soil test that can also be carried out to ensure soil suitability for the piping system.