Multi-Tap Saddle

Multi-Tap Saddles are a wrap & hook design that are capable of adapting to most pipe types of the same nominal diameter. The unique hook-on design greatly simplifies the application and ensures a quick and easy installation.

Multi-Tap Saddles Tapping Band


  • The MulTI-Tap tapping band adapts to DI, Cl, AC, Series 1 & 2 PVC pipes of the same DN size
  • The unique wrap around and hook-on design simplifies adjustment at time of installation
  • Fully passivated 316 stainless steel back strap and fastening mechanism underscores the quality of the product
  • Dry film coating employed to minimize galling of the stainless steel fastener
  • Nitrile rubber back strap gasket employed to isolate against galvanic corrosion between pipe and saddle
  • EPDM centre ring seal ensures a water tight tapping with AS/NZS 4020 potable water compliance