Poly-gib couplings

Poly-Gib Mechanically Restrained Couplings, Flange Adaptors and Blank Ends provide an effective method for connecting HDPE pipe to new and existing pipe infrastructure. The Poly-Gib range utilises a mechanical restraint and sealing system that is not affected by the presence of water, dirt or other contaminates, making it ideal as a universal coupling system. The Poly-Gib straight and stepped couplings are ideal for connecting two HDPE pipes as either part of a new installation or as part of a pipe repair.

Poly-Gib Mechanically Restrained Couplings


  • The Poly-Gib range comes in a variety of configuration. Straight couplings, stepped couplings, flange adaptors and blank ends
  • The Poly-Gib range of restrained couplings can be installed without the need to disassemble. significantly improving speed and ease of installation
  • No internal stiffener require in application on HDPE pipe of SDR 11 or less
  • Nitrile rubber seals suitable for potable water, waste water and oil/gas applications
  • Fasteners feature a captive head configuration enabling single spanner installation
  • Stainless steel components made from 316SS, that has been fully pickled and passivated
  • Three bolt design is used in sizes up to DN 180 to improve installation in the field
  • Components are pre-lubricated during assembly to assist installation
  • Tapping pads on the blank end products permit a drain, flush or sampling point to be added to the system
  • Manufacturing facility certified to ISO 9001 Quality Assured Standard