Flanged Offtake Clamps

The combination of quality materials and superior design allows this clamp to be utilised in a variety of applications and industries where a flange to flange connection is required off an existing pipe

Flanged Offtake Clamps for connection to valves or fittings


  • Flanged offtake clamps provide a flanged 90 degree offtake for connection to valves and other flanged fittings
  • Enables a pipe to be tapped while under mains pressure, avoiding the need for water supply shut-off
  • Avoids the need to cut out sections of pipe, making time-consuming reconnections and supply shut-off’s obsolete
  • Available for most pipe types and sizes
  • Passivated 316 stainless steel construction maximises performance life
  • Full-circle nitrile rubber gasket seal
  • Dispatched with installation instructions
  • Plastic thread protectors supplied
  • All rough surfaces linished to avoid harm to the installer
  • Dry film anti-galling coating employed to minimise galling of the stainless steel fasteners
  • Manufacturing facility certified to ISO 9001 quality assured standard