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Aroflo job management software automates workflows to transform your business. Now with the maX and Aroflo integration, life doesn’t get any better.

What are the benefits?

Live pricing icon

Live pricing

The maX and Aroflo integration means that you will always have the most up to date pricing on our entire product catalogue.

Get rid of manual uploads icon

Get rid of manual uploads

With the maX product catalogue at your fingertips, you can say goodbye to the days of uploading price files.

Product Information icon

Product Information

Having access to the entire product catalogue means you can view our pricing, product images, technical information and downloads.

All in one place icon

All in one place

Now you can manage your entire ordering process in the one place from quoting to ordering to invoicing.

Streamlined Inventory Management icon

Streamlined inventory management

When you create a purchase order in Aroflo using products from the maX catalogue, Aroflo can automate the addition of parts to your inventory. This removes the need for manual data entry.

Track Costs and Customise charges icon

Track costs and customise charges

Aroflo can import Viadux invoices and build a history of costs per part over time. You can choose how to price these parts for invoicing. Choose from Max Cost, Average Cost, Last Cost or a Set Cost plus your desired % markup so you can create smart invoices that suit your business.

See the integration process

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