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Universal Standard Ve

Forget about tedious time consuming welding of Steel (MSCL) and PE pipe, the future is all about Push Fit. 

The PAM UNIVERSAL Ve joint is a Push Fit self-anchored joint for laying anchored Ductile Iron pipes. The pipe features a double chamber socket with a weld bead on the spigot end and represents the latest state of the art socket design from the world’s leading manufacturer of DI Pipe Saint Gobain PAM. The anchoring is designed to take up axial forces yet still allows for deflection enabling the pipeline to act as a chain. This permits laying without the need for concrete blocks and much more.

The Universal VE System can be adapted to respond to even the most difficult of pipe laying situations:

  1. Laying pipe though bore casings, road crossings, tunnels, bridges
  2. Directional drilling or pipe bursting replacement
  3. Laying in areas at risk of mine subsidence, seismic activity, soil settlement or ground movement
  4. Laying on steep inclines
PAM Universal Standard Ve joint