PAM Natural PUR ISO2531

Introducing PAM Natural PUR. This latest Ductile Iron Pipe from PAM features ZINALIUM® a Zinc-Aluminium/synthetic resin coating that provides protection against the most aggressive soils and eliminates the need for sleeving.  Polyurethane, or PUR, lining is state of the art in polymeric linings, preserving water quality whilst protecting the bore against aggressive conveyants.  

For the transportation of water of the following types:

  • Very soft water (hardness less than 1mg/L) combined with extremely long residence times, where a seal coated cement mortar coating is not sufficient.
  • Mineral water, i.e. water whose chemical specifications must remain unchanged between the pipeline inlet and outlet.
  • Aggressive conveyants including septic sewage, high CO2, chlorides, sulphates, brine
PAM Natural PUR ISO2531