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PAM Blutop

BLUTOP® Ductile Iron Pipe manufactured by Saint Gobain PAM provide a seamless transition from PE pipe to DI pipe by matching the outer diameters of the DI to that of the PE. It is now possible join a PE pipe to a DI pipe directly just by pushing them together! And, with the advanced casting technology incorporated by Saint Gobain PAM, BLUTOP® DI Pipe has been produced with a more consistent and lighter wall which means they can easily be handled by two people. This results in further savings in mobile equipment and time required to handle heavy pipe.

BLUTOP Pipe is matched with the IZIFIT® range of Ductile Iron Fittings and Couplings have been specifically designed to make Polyethylene and Ductile Iron pipe installation QUICK and EASY. Incorporating a simple PUSH FIT restrained joint which eliminates Fusion Welding of PE pipe and Thrust Blocks for DI pipe you will be able to PUSH AHEAD of the competition and reduce the complexity of your installation. All of these benefits quickly accumulate to provide savings in the number of components required, equipment and labour cost. 

PAM Blutop Ductile Iron Pipe for seamless transition from PE to DI pipe