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A modern, highly effective material, made up of 85% zinc and 15% aluminium, ZINALIUM® now gives you the opportunity to take advantage of a factory applied corrosion protection system which will extend the life of your pipeline and reduce on site handling by eliminating the requirement for polyethylene sleeving.

Ductile Iron pipes featuring an alloy coating made up of 85% Zinc and 15% Aluminium which is hot sprayed onto the external surface to a density of 400g/m2. The ZINALIUM® coated pipes are then finished in an average thickness 100μ layer of blue or red synthetic resin.


Pipes coated in PAM’s patented ZINALIUM® alloy may be buried in contact with the majority of soils, except:

  • Acidic peaty soils;
  • Soils containing refuse, cinders, slag, or polluted by wastes or industrial effluents;
  • Soils below the marine water table with a resistivity lower than 500Ω·cm. 
ZINALIUM® Coating for Ductile Iron Pipe