TYTON-JOINT ® Fittings

SUREFLOW TYTON-JOINT® have an impact resistant and high strength range of fittings for new and existing pipelines that can be deflected and allows axial movement for thermal expansion and contraction. Manufactured to AS2280 and AS4087 Figure B5 & B6 specifications, TYTON-JOINT® Fittings have a fusion bonded polymeric coating for long life corrosion protection.



  • Operating water temperature: up to +60°C
  • Alternative flange dimensions available on request
  • Bends available at 90°, 45°, 22 ½°, 11 ¼° and 6°
  • Suitable for drinking water (AS4020)
  • Certifications: ISC AS/NZS 2280 Certified Product Licence No.PRD/R61/0412