DIMAX MaxiTap™️ are high strength, impact resistant ductile iron connectors with four brass outlets. Ideal for new residential pipeline construction, MaxiTap™️ Connectors avoid the need for future disturbances to the pipeline, costly excavations and drilling holes in new pipes. Inside and out have a fusion bond epoxy coating, allowing corrosion protection and safe transport of potable water.

SUREFLOW DIMAX MaxiTap Connectors


  • Avoids future need for drilling holes in new pipes and excavation
  • Max design temperature: +70°C,
  • AS4030 Temperature= 40°C
  • Thermal bonded polymeric coating to AS/NZS4158
  • Coating: Fusion Bonded Polymeric
  • End Connections: TYTON® Socket
  • Unused outlets are fitted with removable DR Brass Plug