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Zinalium coating by Saint Gobain PAM

Developed by PAM, the worlds leading manufacturer of DI Pipe, Zinalium® is a highly effective, patented alloy comprising of 85% zinc and 15% aluminium. This factory applied, ACTIVE corrosion protection system, will extend the service life of your pipeline and reduce on-site handling by eliminating the requirement for polyethylene sleeving.

The entire outer surface of the ductile iron pipe is coated in an 85% zinc and 15% aluminium alloy at a density of 400g per m2. This hot metal spray is applied directly onto the ductile iron providing active galvanic protection.


Extensive research in the installation of loose polyethylene sleeving reveals that it takes up to 15 minutes per length of pipe to install. This accumulated time can account for up to 5% of the cost of a pipeline, tying up personnel and machinery.

By eliminating the need for sleeving, the installation of Ductile Iron Pipe becomes a simple one step push fit operation.



Not only will contractors find a typical ~5% cost saving in time, but also further saving in the cost of the sleeving itself which makes up to 2% of the cost of Ductile Iron Pipe as a complete system. The end result is a cost effective solution which will increase installation efficiency and asset life.

IZIFIT by Saint Gobain PAM

The IZIFIT range of ductile iron couplings is an innovation from Saint-Gobain PAM. This unique range of universal fittings suits both HDPE and Blutop® ductile iron pipe systems transporting potable water under pressure.

Pipes can be restrained or unrestrained simply by insertion of an anchor gasket, which features stainless steel inserts, or a non-anchor gasket.

Push Ahead


  • Ready to install fittings with selected gaskets
  • Assembly of fittings and valves with no bolts or tightening
  • Complete work schedules quicker


  • Integral handle for the fittings
  • Assembly by hand or leverage
  • Light weight reduces manual handling risks


  • A unique product for both HDPE and BLUTOP ductile Iron pipes
  • Anchored or non-anchored


  • The seals and the restraining system were designed in France by Saint-Gobain PAM.
  • The unique technology developed and patented by Saint-Gobain PAM enables an allowable operating pressure of up to 16 bar

Plug n Play by Supreme

A new coupler for poly pipes up to SDR11 PN16 with a double lip seal and specially designed grip ring. Simple, quick, reliable, with Plug&Play® you avoid welding, no need for glues, no wrench tightening. Plug&Play® is ideal for repairs and city work sites or impervious areas.


  • Simple, quick, reliable
  • 50% faster than EF
  • No welding, no tightening
  • No Power required
  • Now available up to 250mm
  • No curing time