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Throughout Australia, TYTON® is the most recognised and trusted brand of Ductile Iron Pipe System for potable water, raw water and wastewater applications and is your guarantee of quality. The time proven, robust TYTON JOINT® is a U.S. PIPE design & trademark established in 1965. This simple push-on type connection is at the core of our DI Pipe system and provides flexibility, sturdiness, ease of installation and watertightness.

The benchmark for push-on joint restraint for Ductile Iron Pipe and fittings is the well renowned TYTON-LOK® Gasket System. TYTON-LOK is an extremely effective, trouble-free means of joint restraint for pipe diameters DN100 – DN375mm where thrust blocks cannot be used.  

The Viadux TYTON® range of pipes, TYTON and TYTON-LOK gaskets and TYTON JOINT® fittings are type tested in accordance with the requirements of AS2280 under extreme conditions in various combinations. Look for the TYTON® brand on all your Ductile Iron socketed components for peace of mind during your next pressure test.   

The words TYTON®, TYTON-LOK® and TYTON JOINT® are United States Pipe and Foundry Co. Inc. trademarks and are registered as such in the United States Patent Office and some 45 other countries. Viadux is an exclusively authorised and licensed user of these trademarks within Australia and New Zealand.