Victorian COVID-19 Update

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Market News & Notifications


Since our last notification about price movements in July 2016, a number of our suppliers have increased the cost of their products. In line with our commitment to only move prices twice per year (in April and October), the following price rise will take effect as of 1st April 2017: 

•All PVC pipe will increase by 8.6% 
•All Ductile Iron Pipe will increase by 8% 
•All Ductile Iron Valves, Fittings and Streetware will increase by 5% 
•No changes to our HDPE, ABS, Clamps, Couplings and Components categories 
•Ancillary items issued as part of an associated product (for example: lube and gaskets) will be charged at $1 each.  Ancillary items purchased independently of the associated product will continue to be charged at market rates. 

Also further to our communication in July 2016 (Re: Price Adjustment October 2016 – No Net Increase), our new ERP system go live has been postponed until February 2017. This may result in some movements up and down to product pricing, but we do not expect any significant change to your overall pricing as a result of the system upgrade.  This will come into effect from February 2017. 

Viadux is providing advance notice of these changes to enable you to factor them into your future work.  We will honor any existing committed orders, however on the expiry of those contracts the above mentioned price increases will apply.