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Michael Negri, CEO of Viadux, speaks exclusively to Business Review Australia. 

Viadux, a water network solutions provider, is leading the way in the industry.

Safeguarding one of Australia’s most valuable resources, that is water, Viadux is using sustainability to quench the country’s thirst.

Negri says: “Nobody ‘feels’ good or bad about water until it disappears – and then it’s too late.

“The amount of water we lose through poor infrastructure is phenomenal, so it’s critical for Australia to continue to spend money on water infrastructure, and protect this important resource”

Sustainability is at the core of Viadux's ethos and so the company strives to balance innovation with minimal energy usage.

 “We've spent the last couple of years restructuring the business to be lower cost,” he adds, “making it more customer-centric and focusing on our people; having an engaged workforce who want to come to work and deliver for our customers.

 “What we want is the best solution for our customers,” he adds.

You can read the full feature on Viadux in the latest issue of Business Review Australia.