ZINALIUM® is a factory applied, ACTIVE corrosion protection system for Ductile Iron Pipe. It will extend the service life of your pipeline and reduce on-site handling saving you TIME and MONEY by eliminating the requirement for polyethylene sleeving.

An Innovative coating developed by PAM, the world’s leading manufacturer of DI Pipe, Viadux is pleased to present two new exciting DI Pipe products featuring this industry leading coating;

  • TYTONHYDROCLASS for Potable, Raw and Recycled Water applications
  • TYTONINTEGRAL for Sewer and Waste Water applications

No longer is corrosion protection dependent on careful and thorough site application of PE Sleeving by installation contractors. Being a factory applied corrosion protection system, Zinalium is quality assured through controlled automated application and in line measurement and testing covered by ISO9001 certified quality management systems.